Watercolor Envelope Tutorial

Hello again!

I absolutely love making envelopes. (especially to send to my bestie who lives on the other side of the world)

And when that bestie received my letter she said, “YOU SHOULD BLOG HOW TO DO THIS”

SO here I am, complying to her wishes. 😉

My tutorial for you all today is a very simple one an requires very few tools.


  • Envelope of your choice (you can make one out of watercolor paper, or just use a normal envelope. My choice is  Dollar General brand envelopes. The work *surprisingly* well with watercolor)
  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Palette
  • Masking Fluid (Resist) {a white crayon would work as well, it just wouldn’t be as clear as actual masking fluid}
  • Pen of your choice (my favorite is a Pigma Micron 05

The finished product


If you use watercolor at all, I would highly recommend buying yourself some of this stuff. It’s amazing.


Begin my painting on your masking fluid. I use a very small tip paintbrush. Make sure you wash the paint brush in soapy water immediately after using it, otherwise it will dry on and get hard. The design I made was triangles, then a line, then little dots. It creates a cool, boho look.


Will the masking fluid is drying, mix up your watercolors. I like pan watercolors the best, and I work with a very simple palette. I love mixing colors and making new ones!


Once the masking fluid has dried completely, it should look a little clearish and should not stick to your finger if you touch it. Next is time for color! I like to first brush of the spot i am to color with clean water. This helps the colors to blend better. I use about 6 colors and just put them on however.


If there is too much water, you a cloth or a paper towel or something to dab it up. If you do this too much though it will fade the color considerably. Now let it dry.


After you have let the watercolor dry and the paper is not damp whatsoever, you can begin to remove the masking fluid. You can do this by rubbing your finger over it or picking an edge and pulling it off. If the paper comes off with the dried masking fluid at all, stop, let it dry some more, then continue.



After the masking fluid is removed, you can begin writing the name. You can use a pencil to sketch it out, or just go ahead and write it on.




You can now add little details like this, or washy tape, or if you are sending it in the mail, address and stamps, etc. Have fun with it!

And it’s as easy as that! I hope you enjoy this project!



4 thoughts on “Watercolor Envelope Tutorial

  1. mamaschool5 says:

    Your craft is great! And your blog has inspired me to share my love of photography with everyone on my family’s blog, thanks!
    Carmen J
    PS your Great at latte art 🙂

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