Ramblings and Musings|| Jealousy: the heart of the matter

Disclaimer: I have my opinions. I you agree with me, Awesome sauce. If you don’t..please remember they are just my opinions. Thanks!

Jealousy. Oh, what a word.

“I’m not jealous.” you say right away.

But are you sure?

What is Jealousy?

According to Webster’s:


noun jeal·ou·sy \ˈje-lə-sē\

Simple Definition of jealousy

  • : an unhappy or angry feeling of wanting to have what someone else has

An unhappy or angry feeling of wanting to have what someone else has. It’s the long and short of it. We see someone else has something, we want, but can’t have it, so we are unhappy with them, because they have something we can’t have.

“Oh! She thinks she soo stylish in that skirt! But I know she paid alot for it, and for some people money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“How does her complexion always look perfect? You can tell by the way she acts she knows it perfect, too”

“UGH..they have SUCH a nice house. I wish we could live in a house like theirs.”

“HUH! She thinks she such a super star, just because the guys are always telling her she is  so good at volleyball”

“Oh good grief, she thinks she soo popular, just cause her parents are missionaries and they get to travel all over and meet alot of people.”

Isn’t this what we think?

Okay, so maybe these aren’t our exact words. But we all know there is one thing or another that irritates us. Why? Because we are jealous.  Why else would someone be making mean remarks on how someone else gets compliments on their volleyball skills? Maybe because they know they can’t set very well and they wish they could?

The Result of jealousy.

Look at the examples above. Does any of those sound like someone you’d want to hang out with?

James 3:16 (KJV)

16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

When we feel jealous towards a person, there is instantly a wall built. You see something that is nicer than what you have, but you can’t have it,  yet someone else have it, so it creates a feeling of discontentment, which will make us unhappy about ourselves, therefore creating a atmosphere of unhappiness when I am around other people.  (I know, that was a major run-on sentence)


Longing. Longing for something else has. Now suddenly everything I have doesn’t matter.

The skirt I bought last week.

The face I was somewhat happy with how it looked

The house that has been a decent house-till now.

The fact that I can actually serve the ball.

The people I’ve met and the places I’ve been.

and we go downhill from there.

How can we prevent this?

Contentment and the result:

The opposite of jealousy is contentment.  Why?

Envy is the art of counting another’s blessing instead of your own – Harold Coffin

If we are happy with what we have, then it won’t matter if the other girl has a cuter skirt.

I own a Nikon D3000 camera . It’s a really nice camera.  I can take beautiful, clear, in focus images with it.

My sister owns a Nikon D3100. It’s almost identical to mine. Only it can take videos while mine can’t. Now if I’m not careful, I could start complaining about my perfectly equip camera, and sell it and spend an extra 100 bucks just so I can get one like her’s.

It’s a choice I have to make.

It’s a choice of either looking at what I have, counting my blessings and be happy, or the choice of looking at other, realizing all i don’t have, and living miserable until I get them .

It’s seems kind of like a no brainer if you ask me.

If you choose to be content, it will show.

If you choose to be jealous, it will show.

So, the question is…what do you want to show?


What do you want to show? Comment below and let me know what think about this!

Until next time,




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