My Journey in Journaling | Week 1

Welcome to my Journey!! So, through out this journey I’m am sharing what I am doing in order for those who read this can also use it. Everything I say and do on here is just what I used, or just my personal opinion. I’m not an expert. I’m just doing this because when I went in search of something like this my search had no result. This is especially directed towards teenage girls, because, Guess what, we want to do this kinda stuff too. I hope you enjoy! You can view my opening to this journey here.DSC_0211

Things you will need (this is what I use)


Obviously, your going to need a Bible. What version or  whether or not you want a Journaling Bible is up to you.



A Journal is a must. Find one the matches your personality. Like this one, It is bright and colorful like me:) 




You can find post it notes in all sizes and colors at your local Walmart or Target. Or you can find some here.


I love pens. And color. and colored pens. I got these at target but you can find them here also.


I use Microns just cause that is what I have. You can also use a sharpie pen (Like this) or find these here.


I use these for highlighting in my Bible. You can find some here or at Dollar General, Walmart and Target.




I suggest starting with writing you testimony. 


Then decide what you want to write each day. For myself I chose 1. 5 Things im thankful for (In Purple pen) 


2. Prayer requests (in Red pen) 3. Verse for today (in Green pen) 



4.word for the day (In light Blue pen) and ways I can express that word today (also in light blue pen 



After I found a verse I highlighted it, and then wrote the day and week on a post it note and put it at that verse


Hope this is helpful! My journey will continue next week! I will be sharing what verses and words I used each day of the week, along with more photos!!

Have a good week Y’all.


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