{For the Pianist} | Music to memorize so you can play impromptu|

As pianist there always comes that time when someone has a piano sitting in their living room and they say “Can you play?” Or when your visiting a friends Church and they tell someone you play piano and their like “Oooh can you play something?” Or just that random time at a music store with dozens of grand pianos and what do you play?  So today, I am composing (hehe get it??) a list of my favorite songs that you can memorize that whenever one of the above situations arise, you can just sit down and play a concert. And leave them with dropped jaws and lots of “wow”s

These are not numbered by valu or anything-there all equal, right?

Numero oneo (number one)

The Butterfly Waltz

This song is 1: very easy to memorize 2:amazing sounding 3: very easy to customize if you thinks its to boring. Like taking left hand down to 8va.  You can actually get it for free here.

2. Dawn (Pride and Prejudice)

If your like me the only reason you watch the new pride and prejudice is because of the awesome music.  Dawn is pretty much my favorite.

You can purchase the song here.

3. He’s a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)

We all know that whoever composed the songs for Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty much a genius. The songs are AMAZING. This one is a great song to play for people because it is easy to memorize and it just awesome. End of story. This would be especially cool if you are a guy pianist. The only thing is you have to be a really FAST player:)

you can purchase this thrilling song here.

4. Jessica’s Theme  (Man from Snowy River)

Everybody loves Man from Snowy River.  Just make sure you keep the tempo right.

Here is where you can buy this lovely song.

5. Let It Go (Frozen)

Everyone is obsessed with Frozen. We all know that. And everyone one knows Let It Go. That’s why they are like “Aah LET IT GOOOO!!!!!!”. The awesome thing is you don’t have to change the music any to make it solo … The piano music plays the melody    frozen

And you can purchase it here. Just make sure when purchasing it it is the Movie Version .

And that’s it! I KNOW I could think up more, because there are thousands MORE. Another favorite is Georgiana from Pride and Prejudice . Hope you have fun with these!


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