Why I live this life for Him part 1(the reason behind it all)

So…Why? What’s the point?

I had the opportunity to go to New York City several years ago, and with interacting with the neighborhood kids, I got asked that question alot.  Why are you as Christian?  Why do you dress modestly and wear skirts and stuff?  Why do you wear that thing on your head? Why? Why? Why? 

So today  I’m going to try to explain (or begin to anyhow ) why I do all this stuff, cause guess what!!! There is a reason!!! 

So Christianity begins with God. Who is God? I believe God is the Creator of the universe. He made you and me and every other thing  around us. And it all has a purpose!!  Without God and His amazing love for the world, we would not be here! 

But God’s not just this guy who created the world and then just said “Okay my world, go have tons of fun and enjoy your life ” Nope.Not at all.  Sorry:) From day one God set rules, and standards for us to live by. No, not rules to try and make us have the most boring life ever, but rules that will protect us and bring glory to God.

And then there is heaven and hell. Yep, I believe in this, too. Heaven is where God is. Hell is where Satin is.  I think we are all familiar with this so I won’t expound on this to much. But,  in a nutshell, God is heaven, as nd wants us to be in heaven with him. But to do so we have to first, accept Jesus into our life, be baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit and then  follow his guidelines and live a life for him.

So how do we accept Jesus??? Or who even is Jesus??? Simply put, Jesus is God’s son. John 3:16 says

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever beliveth in Him, shall not die, But have everlasting life.

God loved us so much, he sent his only son to come to earth, and take the punishment we deserve. Jesus came as a little baby, Just like you! He lived, walked and talked, Just like you!  He had friends and family, Just like you! The only way that he may not be like you is that he gave up his life for you and every single person on this planet.  He died, so that we could fellowship with the Father. He took all of the blame for everything you ever did wrong and took it upon himself, so that we could have eternal life.

So as all we have to believe. 

Believe and follow his commandments and live every single breathing moment for Him and His glory.

So, how do we know what God wants? There is this amazing book called the Bible.  It’s God’s word to everyone. It shows examples of how we are to live, guidelines for our every day life, and great stories of men who followed Him ( and didn’t follow him) and how we can learn from them.

So now you have a little window of Why I live for God, and I will come back again and share some more! Please dont forget to leave comments, if you have as question,  or feel I need to be corrected somewhere, cause I so do not have it all together.
Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to come back again!!!!! 

-Katrina Swartzentruber



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