Christmas & New Year

Christmas. How did it get here so fast? Already a year has gone by.

It seemed like just a month ago I was layered with bibs and a carhartt hoodie ready to milk cows and feed calves. Just a week ago I was having an awesome sleepover with my friends on my birthday. Just yesterday we were eating Thanksgiving dinner.

As I look back on the previous year and think about all that I’ve done, accomplished, been through, seen. I wonder where its got me. Over the past year my faith in God has been built,  relationships with family and friends has gotten stronger, I can play guitar just that much better.:)

But just like this morning when I was decorating a Gingerbread house with Caleb, I worked and worked on it, used my creativity, but when I got done I was at a lost at what to do. What do I do with it now? Should I just let it sit on the counter, looking nice, and all the candy getting hard? No, of course not. I would eat all that stuff off (probably before the day is done) .

But as I complete this year, put a new calendar up, try to get used to writing 2015 on everything, I wonder the same thing I did when I made the gingerbread house. What now? Where will I go? What will I do? And what about everything I did last year? Do I forget everything? No, on the contrary, actually. Cause even if I don’t think this past year was worth while, even if i do think it should be erased from my history, I did make a difference in me.

It grew my ability and experience, It matured me and made me ready for the things that lie ahead in the next year.


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