Winter {on the farm} flashback

You wake up early, before every one else is awake. Before the sky’s awake. You wake up to a freezing cold room, under a pile of blankets. When your sock covered feet hit the floor you thank yourself for taking the time to put them on last night. You pull into your warmest pair of gym pants and find your old over-the-head aero hoodie. You walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, where the stove light lights up half the room. You pour yourself a cup of coffee and zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Dump it into a insulated cup and its ready to go. You step into the laundry room ( where ll the coats, and boots and everything else is). Grab your Carhartt bib overalls off a hook and ( in your half asleep estate) pull them on. Zip em up, and pull the straps over your shoulder and hook them on. You unzip the leg zipper up halfway and find you Muck boots. After you get them on, you zip the zipper down as far as you like. Find you denim coat and pull it on. Pull the hood from you hoodie over you  head, Grab your coffee again, and head out the door. The icy blast that hits you wakes you up instantly and – even though you have all those layers- freezes you to the bone ( i personally enjoy this;)). The wonderful “crunch” sounds under you feet the whole time you walk to the barn. About halfway there you shove your left hand into your deep, warm pocket,(your right is holding your coffee). Then you  pull your hand out  of your pocket and you clamp onto the freezing cold milk house door. Then it all stops. No more wind or freezing cold. Then you wish you didn’t put so many layers on. Warm/cool air hits your freezing cold face. The pumping of the pulsators and the cows balling is like music to your ears. Its the crazy wonderful thing about living on the farm in the winter. 


Yea!!! Ski Trip!!


Me and Abby after me and Kaitlin went ice skating. Kaitlin is showing the length of a snowboard she saw:) sorry kate;)

DSCN5035 DSCN4996 DSCN4941 DSCN4935 DSCN4903 DSCN4901 DSCN4894 DSCN4891 DSCN4889 DSCN4869 DSCN4857 DSCN4856 DSCN4855 DSCN4854 DSCN4835 DSCN4806 DSCN4714 DSCN4786 DSCN4795




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