The Little Things ( That are important to me)

Ahhhh. finally. A time to sit down. Relax. And look at all the things i love doing ( and things i like …looking at:)) And i though, whats the point of thinking about it, and not showing it to ya’ll? so yep, (lol) i’m gonna post a post titled :: The Little Things ( That Are Important To Me)



the view out my window the other day when it was raining.



Now, these are not in order, I’m just adding captions as they come on:) This is my flute, i really enjoy playing, only it leaves you winded:)



Caleb ( with Tanya’s camera ) lol photographer at heart 🙂


An Iris. I was surprised to find that it opened up, but i love taking pics of these things!


last night it was great to know that i got my clothes all washed, and i put in about an hour of baseball/softball with Caleb:)



my chalkboard:) this is one of my favorite quotes!



A wristband of mine that broke 😦 i was in deep distress! (cece and kate, dont burst out laughing)



We discovered the big tree in our front yard holds 6 baby squirrels!! i grabbed my camera a little to late, but still got this snapshot:)



a lovely rainbow that showed up the other week. I wish it would have shown up on my camera as bright as it was foe real, cause it was reeeeaaallly bright 🙂


Ah, the bees that buzz, the kissable dandelion fuzz:)


Our little puppy, KitKat:) (aka kitty)


so true…..


Brianna and Shelby, two little adorbs:)

So, thats all i have ( for now at least) I hope you enjoyed it! and I hope you come back , and i will try to keep you updated:)


loveya’ll!!!! Trina*grace


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